> Business Valuations

> Fraud Detection & Recovery

> Litigation Support

> Mergers and Acquisitions

> Succession Planning

> Bankruptcy / Insolvency

> Out of Court Reorganizations

> Sales, Marketing & Branding

> Strategic Patent Planning


Chester Mallory, PHD
Reno Nevada

Over the past decade I have relied on the Consultation of Director Rubinstein (Presently of The Tuscany Group) in areas of:

Each engagement was clearly and precisely delivered... Results were outstanding...
As to the Forensics/Fraud, while acting on a independent lead his group, called my attention to a 2 million dollar embezzlement, that I would have never believed possible within my closely held corporation. 

Bill Mendenhall, Principal
Menhaden Produce, Yuma, Arizona

Director Rubinstein since 1986 has provided my Produce Operation, with Financial, Reorganization and Stand-In- Chief Financial Officer advise since the mid eighties. Personal service, dedication to our business, and in a few cases he made the difference to us being here today...
I cannot say enough about the professionalism I experienced over the years.

Tom H. Voluntarisms III, Attorney at Law
El Segundo, CA

Director's Frazier and Rubinstein are the Business Specialist's I use for Expert Testimony, Reorganization Assistance and Litigation Support...
With The Tuscany Group it's as if have my own business specialist inside my firm.

Brian C. Ste-gall, Vice President Equipment Financing
Las Vegas, NV

I have known Director Doug Frazier and Director Harold J. Rubinstein of The Tuscany Group for over 10 years and totally respect their knowledge of how to effect Business Turnarounds... Outstanding individuals.

Randy Cox, President
COX Industries, LLC.
Yuma, Arizona

We are one of the largest Perishable Commodity Vacuum Cooler manufactures in the Southwest and rely on Director Rubinstein for Stand-Chief Financial Officer services along with Business Valuation Services and any M&A services that we might need.


Over the past decade I have relied on the Consultation of Director Rubinstein
(Presently of The Tuscany Group) for support in Corporate Reorganization

--Chester Mallory PHD, Reno Nevada