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Fraud Detection & Recovery

Just as today’s business has benefitted from the powerful, streamlined and sophisticated systems that have evolved in the past years, so has the corporate criminal looking to perpetuate a fraud or business theft. No longer can a business just rely on the standard methods of detecting fraud from financial audit procedures. The whole picture needs to be examined from the financial through the non-financial aspects of a business. Each industry and business carries with it a unique set of circumstances that cannot be approached from a checklist alone.

The seasoned depth and practical experience of The Tuscany Group along with certain strategic alliances in the investigative industry made over the years, allows the Director's of The Tuscany Group to stay on the cutting edge in the field of Forensic/Fraud prevention, detection and recovery from those offenders who have targeted your business.


Director Doug Frazier & Director Harold J. Rubinstein of The
Tuscany Group ... Outstanding individuals ...

--Brian C. Stegall Vice President, Equipment Financing, Las Vegas, NV