> Business Valuations

> Fraud Detection & Recovery

> Litigation Support

> Mergers and Acquisitions

> Succession Planning

> Bankruptcy / Insolvency

> Out of Court Reorganizations

> Sales, Marketing & Branding

> Strategic Patent Planning

Management Team

Harold Rubinstein and Doug Frazier together have more than sixty years experience working with businesses with annual sales between $5 and $100 million. Their skills developed by concentrating on progressing companies by reorganizing and restructuring business operations. They have held positions as CEO's, CFO's and Presidents as well as serving on various Board of Directors.

Mr. Rubinstein has effectuated successful reorganizations in the US Federal Bankruptcy Courts, saving companies, retaining employees and helping provide payments for secured and unsecured creditors.

He has also been requested to act as an expert witness in many Federal and State litigation trails. Providing expert testimony regarding business plans, valuations and forensic accounting techniques.

Mr. Frazier currently serves on the Board of Directors of EnviroGuard Corporation and holds over ten patents in the electrical power storage and environmental products industry. He has over 40 years of experience in sales, marketing, branding and building global distribution networks where he provides experience from the operational and sales perspective.

Together they bring the professional expertise and knowledge necessary in today's business environment.


Each engagement was clearly and precisely delivered ...
Results were outstanding ...

--Chester Mallory PHD, Reno Nevada