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Mergers and Acquisitions

In the game of Chess it all culminates in the end game, so to in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in our global economy. What combinations of moves will we make to win our end game. In Chess it's very simple, our end game is to acquire our opponents King. In the world game of mergers and acquisitions, it's not so simple.

Once we define our end game, we create a strategy, an implementation plan and negotiate for our M&A target. But there is no standing still in one spot and letting the game play out, we are then faced with a continually shifting environment that must be maneuvered.

The Director's of The Tuscany Group come to the table with decades of Merger and Acquisition experience, they work with you on a real time basis to help plan and strategize the way through the changing M&A environment.


Director's Frazier and Rubinstein are the Business Specialist's I use for
Expert Testimony, Reorganization Assistance and Litigation Support ...

--Tom H. Tavoularis III, Attorney at Law, El Segundo, CA